Ready for a fresh approach to family law? I collaborate with clients who are ready to work towards a mutual solution outside the courtroom

The collaborative approach to family law isn’t about one party winning. It’s about two parties working together in a meaningful way. It’s about creating trust, reducing anxiety, and creating an atmosphere where the parties can hear each other's interests, needs, and concerns. This atmosphere creates the best, most durable results for all involved. Collaborative family law can be the beginning of the healing process.

Whether you work with individual lawyers in a Collaborative Divorce, or work with one neutral mediator, don’t let a judge who doesn’t know you decide your future. Collaborate with confidence and resolve conflict in a kinder way.

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Resolve conflict while remaining in control. In collaborative law, we work outside the courtroom to reach resolution so that both parties are satisfied with the result. From prenuptial agreements to divorce and parenting plans, see if collaborative law is the right fit for you.
A fair and unbiased approach to conflict resolution. As a mediator, I help both parties listen to each other, provide a framework for the issues needing resolution, facilitate negotiation, and document the agreements completely, clearly and concisely.
A la carte, custom services to help you accomplish your goals. Whether that help involves document preparation, conflict coaching, settlement negotiations, or a consultation, I can help — as little or as much as you need.
Nancy Retsinas

A note from Nancy

After practicing family law for nearly 30 years, both in and out of the courtroom, I currently work exclusively with clients wanting to design their own solutions outside of court. For the first 15 years of my practice, I was a family law practitioner who spent a lot of time on family law motion dockets and in trial. Of course I settled many cases, mostly after a few hard-fought courtroom battles made the parties weary. As I evolved in my practice, I came to understand the value of early, consensual dispute resolution options in the family law arena and around 2006, I began incorporating them into my practice. In 2015, I decided to stop going to court altogether, and now I limit my practice to Mediation and Collaborative Law. Both are powerful alternatives for people who want to reach agreements amicably, without the need for a judge to make decisions for them. It can be hard to decide which path is the right one for you and your family. I am happy to help.

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