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Headway Documents Services are for people who want a lawyer to prepare and/or process legal documents. This service is paired with a Gateway Consultation service that fits your needs. Nancy offers virtual, online meetings at your request using the Zoom platform. There are many types of Headway services depending on the type of service you need:

  • Court Document Preparation
    • Separation or Divorce—with or without children
    • Non-parent Custody (grandparent custody)
    • Parentage (Paternity)
    • Parenting Plan & Child Support
    • Adjustments and Modifications
  • Court Document Processing
  • Legal Agreements & Contracts Drafting
    • Property Settlement Agreements
    • Spousal Support Agreements
    • Separation Contracts
    • Legal Separation
    • Divorce
    • Co-habitation
    • Pre-marital, prenuptial, post-nuptial
  • Simple Real Estate Status Document Preparation
  • Simple Estate Planning Document Preparation

With all Headway Services, you:

  • Make sure all your bases are covered in your written documents
  • Reduce uncertainty that your documents will be acceptable to the court
  • Control costs with flat fees and fixed rates
  • Maintain control over the terms of your settlement

All Headway Services include:

  • Review and organization of client-supplied documents
  • Creation of Property and Debt Schedules and/or Spreadsheets to calculate settlement numbers, if needed
  • Creation and/or processing of a document, agreement, or contract that is legally acceptable

Headway Documents Services may be right for you if you:

  • Prefer to have a lawyer prepare your legal documents
  • Might want to file your own papers and go to court on your own (you have the option to choose Headway Documents Processing Services if you don’t want to file your own papers and go to court)
  • Want the assurance that your documents will be accepted the first time they are presented to the court

Select the Headway Service that is right for you, as quoted up-front, depending on the level of service.

The best way to find out which service you need is to schedule a Consultation with Nancy. A la Carte documents services are not the right approach for every client, and Nancy will help you evaluate your options to help you find the right fit for your unique situation. Call 360-816-2246 or schedule online.