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Five Steps To A Collaborative Prenuptial Agreement

Step One – Find your collaborative prenuptial lawyer

The first task is for you to find a collaboratively trained lawyer who specializes in prenuptial agreements. Your partner will do the same. Sometimes, partners coordinate this search so they both feel comfortable with the choices each has made in the selection of their collaborative lawyer. Once you and your partner have hired your lawyers, they will contact each other to set your joint collaborative session. You may meet privately with your lawyer prior to the joint session to prepare.

Step Two – Hold a joint collaborative session

A joint session is held for you and the lawyers to discuss the process and talk about your needs in a prenuptial agreement. Sometimes one meeting is all that is necessary; if you and your partner need another meeting to fully flesh things out, it will be scheduled at the end of the first meeting.

Step Three – Gather information

You and your partner will gather all information about your respective financial situations and share that information with your partner and lawyers. You can do this with the help of your lawyers, or on your own with the support of your lawyer.

Step Four – Share Interests, Needs, and Values

Right from the start, you and your partner will share your needs, interests, and values to better understand each other in relation to your overall goals and unique situation. This is essential. You need to truly understand what is most important to you and your partner, so your agreement reflect those interests as much as possible.

Step Five – Generate Options and Negotiate Agreement

You and your partner will be asked to evaluate your options. It is common for people to have different ideas about their situation, so your collaborative prenuptial lawyer is ready to help you evaluate what you like and do not like, and build an agreement that express as much as possible each of your interests, needs, and values.

Once your agreement is reached, your lawyers will prepare a written agreement and everyone will review and sign.

The best way to find out if this approach is best for you is to schedule a Consultation with Nancy. Collaborative Law is not the right approach for every client, and Nancy will help you evaluate all your process options to help you find the right fit for your unique situation. Call 360-816-2246 or schedule onlineNancy offers virtual, online meetings at your request using the Zoom platform.

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