What is Co-Mediation?

In Co-Mediation, you work with two mediators in the room at the same time, each with a different specialty, to guide you and your partner through the legal, financial, and emotional decisions necessary for well informed agreements. Nancy is an attorney-mediator with a specialty in family law and critical thinking. When she co-mediates, she works with either

  • A behavioral health specialist, or
  • A certified divorce financial analyst

Co-mediation is especially helpful when:

  • Children are involved
  • Unmanaged complex emotions might derail mediation
  • One or both parties wants real-time education about the law (without the mediators giving personalized legal advice)
  • One or both parties wants real-time education, information, and assistance creating budgets and exploring financial settlement scenarios

The best way to find out if this approach is best for you is to schedule a Consultation with Nancy. Mediation is not the right approach for every client, and Nancy will help you evaluate all your process options to help you find the right fit for your unique situation. Call 360-816-2246 or schedule online.

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