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Legal services don’t have to be an all-or-nothing proposition.

Nancy takes a client-centered approach to legal services – tailoring services, fee structures, and payments to the individual client and specific legal matter – and offers limited scope services as an alternative to full service representation. Not everyone wants full service representation, where the lawyer is responsible for managing a legal matter from start to finish.

Nancy offers virtual, online meetings at your request using the Zoom platform.

Sometimes you need just a little guidance.

A la carte services break tasks into smaller segments, allowing you to pay for only the services you need. Tasks are broken down into pieces with clear goals, and the client remains in charge of who performs which tasks, allowing you to:

  • Choose only the services you need
  • Benefit from fixed and affordable fees
  • Access high quality services tailored to your needs
  • Purchase services by the task rather than by the hour
  • Maintain the flexibility to manage the parts of your case that don't require legal expertise
  • Exercise more control over the relationship between you and your lawyer

What’s on the Menu?

Nancy enjoys partnering with clients who are committed to staying out of court and working cooperatively with their partner/spouse to achieve resolution. Nancy provides out-of-court services only.

  • Collaborative Family Lawyering
  • Gateway Consultation Services
    • Process Options consultation
    • Legal framework consultation
    • Conflict and communications coaching
    • Interest-based negotiating consultation
    • Legal guidance & opinions consultation
  • Headway Documents Services
    • Agreements & Contract Drafting
    • Document Preparation & Processing

What’s off the Menu?

Nancy will not perform certain services or responsibilities that would ordinarily be undertaken in a full-service legal services relationship. For example, Nancy will not:

  • Litigate disputes
  • Prepare or file motions or attend contested hearings
  • Prepare or process emergency motions or request ex parte emergency orders
  • Conduct compulsory discovery to collect documents and information for use in contested court matters

The best way to find out if this approach is best for you is to schedule a Consultation with Nancy. Limited scope services is not the right approach for every case or client, and Nancy will help you evaluate all your process options to help you find the right fit for your unique situation. Call 360-816-2246 or schedule online.