Are you already Nancy’s client? Take a look at current client scheduling information

If you are not yet Nancy’s client, click a link below to schedule some time with Nancy. A page containing Nancy’s availability will open in a new window. You can check Nancy’s current availability without actually registering or scheduling.

Please make sure to click “Confirm” when you are scheduling an appointment. You will receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive a confirmation email please contact our office.

  • Free 15-minute Introductory Phone Call. Schedule a time to discuss your situation with Nancy, and ask any preliminary questions you may have.
  • Consultation. Consultations can be individual where you meet with Nancy privately for individualized information or advice, or joint where both of you meet with Nancy together, for an opportunity for both people to learn more about mediation and Collaborative Law and to figure out which process makes the most sense for your family. The flat fee for a consultation is $300 and is payable at the time of service.
  • One-Hour Document Review or Legal Advice. Use this link to schedule an appointment to review documents or get legal advice about your situation. This type of meeting is for people who are going through mediation with another mediator and need legal advice or document review, people who are representing themselves and need legal advice or document review, or people who have filled out their own documents and need them checked. This type of appointment is billed at a flat rate of $300 and is payable at the time of service.

Not finding a time that works? Please reach out by phone or email and we’ll see if we can find a time that works for everyone.