Nancy Retsinas

Civil causes of action include: adverse possession, breach of contract, collections, consumer protection, fraud & misrepresentation, mechanics’ & materialmans’ liens, partition, pre-judgment writs (attachment, habeas corpus, replevin), post-judgment collection (debtors' examination, garnishment, nonjudicial foreclosure), quiet title, suits in equity (estoppel, laches, specific performance, quantum meruit, unjust enrichment, waiver)

Title 11 actions (probate and trust law) include: claims against estates, guardianship, settlement of estates, TEDRA, trusts accounting

Title 13 actions (juvenile courts) include: at-risk youth, emancipation, guardianship, juvenile offenders, juvenile dependency, termination of parental rights

Title 26 actions (domestic relations) include: adoption, child support, custody, divorce and separation, interstate compact, modification, parentage, nonparental custody, relocation, restraining orders, UCCJEA

Protection Orders handled: anti-harassment, domestic violence, no contact, sexual assault, stalking, vulnerable adult    

Procedural issues include: consolidation, counterclaims, crossclaims, injunctions, interpleader, intervention, joinder, long-arm jurisdiction, multi-jurisdictional claims, stay of proceedings, reconsideration, relief from judgment

Evidentiary and Discovery issues include: depositions and interrogatories/production of documents, expert witnesses, issuance and enforcement of subpoenas, protective orders, motions in limine, and evidentiary issues such as: admissibility, authentication, foundation, hearsay, opinion and expert witness testimony, privilege, relevancy