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My Approach To Family Law

My Approach To Family Law

During my first few years of practice, I was disheartened to see families battling in court as their first resort. Instead of searching for mutual solutions at the settlement table, clients and their attorneys were fighting to "win". This approach invariably cost the client and their family a lot of money and heartache.

I knew there had to be a better way, and more than fifteen years ago, I started making a change in the way I practiced law. As I learned about mediation and collaborative law techniques, I began to look at conflict resolution differently. I started helping my clients look at their underlying interests, needs, and concerns as well as the underlying interests, needs, and concerns of the other party. I began to understand the long-term damage that can occur when people fight it out in court unnecessarily. This was especially disheartening to see when children were involved.

I no longer take disputes to court. I now help clients build workable agreements. I know it is possible to help clients restructure their lives and create the future they want without always resorting to court. I know this because I see it every day. When clients use mediation and collaborative methods to solve problems, they preserve relationships, stay out of court, and protect their children from family conflict.

They save money and heartache too. Collaborative law and mediation services are less expensive and more confidential than going to court.

Some additional benefits include:

  • Less stress, anxiety, and drama
  • More win-win outcomes
  • Greater control over the process and result
  • Increased positive post-divorce interaction
  • Long-lasting, mutual decision-making
  • Respectful communication in a safe environment

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Tuesday, 20 April 2021

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